Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A lovely man 1/52

A lovely man 1/52, originally uploaded by Esther Moliné.

The very nice owner of Dun Leary's Last Corner Shop posing for me. I went into Dun Laoighre yesterday specially to fill a roll of 35mm black and white film, as part of a project I'm doing called 'Five streets'. I loved this Newsagents and I wanted to buy something, so I got the last issue of the Spanish magazine 'Hola'. I know all there is to know about the Spanish Royal family now...
This photo is also my first of my 1/52 project I'm doing with the Dublin Photowalk group in which I have to take and upload a photo a week for a whole year. I'm also doing the 1/365 one (one photo per day for the whole year)!
Date of photo: 4/1/2014
Camera: Canon 300X with 28mm lens
Film: Kodak Tmax 400
Dev: R09 (10m @1+50)

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