Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Snug

The Snug, originally uploaded by Esther Moliné.
Dean Street, Dublin. the brilliant sitting kid stencil is by Jef Aerosol 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Maypole dancer

Maypole dancer b&w, originally uploaded by Esther Moliné.
A Maypole dancer from the Active Age Group, Drumreilly, Co Leitrim. I took this candid portrait at the 2011 Harold's Cross Community Festival on the 8th of May last. The Maypole dance is an old tradition at Harold's Cross that has recently been revived at the festival. Local historian Joe Curtis explains in his book about Harold's Cross that in the 14th century the Archbishop of Dublin maintained a gallows on the green of Harold's Cross where criminals were hanged. Later on, a Maypole replaced the gallows and was the centre of much merriment and dancing every May, until the practice ceased around the middle of the 19th century.

Photo published in fml

The Four Courts, originally uploaded by Esther Moliné.
I recently had this photo of mine published in fml, a magazine produced by 4th year journalism students at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Zoomed Liffey view

Zoomed Liffey view, originally uploaded by Esther Moliné.
Took this at the river Liffey (Dublin) on May 21 while on a photo walk with two flickr friends. Thought it would be fun to try the zoom effect. Here's the same view without the zooming, taken on the same night using a long exposure. Samuel Beckett bridge by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava on the right and the Convention Centre building on the left.

                                           © 2011 Esther Moliné